More Chris Chringle visits!!

The boys get soooo excited on the mornings that the Elf returns to our house!!

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This was Brady’s favorite so far, likely because he got to eat marshmallows for breakfast!













Quite a surprise when the boys went to get their cereal spoons!




This was NOT Grayson’s favorite; he did NOT like that the Elf glued eyes on his “fruit”  LOL








This was my favorite – the Elf was sitting in small chairs just like the boys, AND left them Halloween cookies.  This got Grayson back into the spirit of things!








A candy mess!

Chris Chringle is BACK….

So, Chris Chringle made his first appearance this morning, causing mischief as usual.  Brady LOVED it, very excited. Grayson was scared to death!!  As soon as Brady picked up the elf, Grayson ran over to the red marker that the elf (aka Chris Chringle) had been holding and grabbed it, saying “No no!! This is Me’s”.  Lol.  I had to explain to him that the elf had only borrowed it to write them a note.  Grayson wasnt buying it…hopefully he will warm up to the idea.

What the boys saw from the top of the stairs
What the boys saw from the top of the stairs









October 2014 009

The elf's note, and Grayson's red marker - haha!!
The elf’s note, and Grayson’s red marker – haha!!
Brady's face when he realized Chris Chringle was back!
Brady’s face when he realized Chris Chringle was back!
















So, I didnt get a picture of Grayson’s face, but it would have been a cross between sad and horrified.  Couldnt take the picture because I was too busy holding him while he hung on to my neck for dear life!

Auburn versus LSU game…acting like rockstars

Our trip to Auburn was great, and the boys had a lot of fun spending time with both Aunt Becki and Mimi and Pawpaw.  War Eagle!

Brady and his "Dragon Tiger"
Brady and his “Dragon Tiger”
Grayson rockin his glasses
Grayson rockin his glasses

Brady loved the tiger outfit he bought for his dragon (I thought he was buying it for him to wear, but no, it was for the stuffed animal.





Grayson LOVED the attention he got from these super-cool glasses that Mimi picked out.



The weekend ended up being a WIN!!  Not only did the Auburn Tigers win, but we had great fun with family and friends.  Cant wait to do it again!

Starting off the week….

September 29,30 016 September 29,30 017

Getting ready for school
Getting ready for school






The Boys loving their first hot cocoa (most of Grayson’s went on the floor:)


The boys getting ready after mommy had to hold them down to fix their hair.



This pic was before I finally tackled Brady and made him let me fix his hair.

September 29,30 011

Watching the Wild and eating popcorm
Watching the Wild and eating popcorn and loving on Mimi and Pawpaw